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Photo by Oladimesji Odunsi on Unsplash


Images taken by a third party are accredited to them. These photos can be found on Unsplash and the name of the artist can be found above or below the photo.

If the photo has been taken by me it is accredited to me in the name Melanie Mugeridge. Therefore any coping of the image should be accredited to me.

I am not paid to advertise any product or associated with any other company. Any photo or mention of other parties is to show who deserve credit and not a paid advertisement.

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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy sets out how I Melanie under Essential Mobile hair and beauty use any information that is given to me when you are using this wedsite, by phone or in an appointment.

The website collects analytical information via vista print. So if you are worried about anything please check their data policy as well as mine.

They only provide me with information related to area location, time spent on a page, and how many people are looking and on what days.

I do not collect any information about you from the website.

With phone calls: As I offer a home mobile services I will need to collect your address, name and phone number. This is only used so I can provide you with a home service. I do not use this information for anything else or give this information to others. I also do not store this information online.

When I am with you providing the treatment I will need to fill out a consultation form and you will need to sign the form. The consultation form is for your benefit and you will need provide me with accurate information to help me provide you with the correct treatment and best outcome.

This information is not stored online. Therefore you information is secure.

This information is not given to any one else unless legal action is taken. This information is needed to be kept for up to ten years. You can request to look at or have a copy of this information under the data protection act 1998, however I do need to keep a copy.

If I have taken any photos then I will not put it online. I will only take photos for future reference and use it along side the consultation form.

If you believe any of the information is incorrect then please let me know straight away by calling me on 01634 400950.

The information on any page may change at any time. If you require anymore information please give me a call on 01634 400950

Last update 8/6/2020

I or any third parties do not provide a guarantee to the accuracy, performance, completeness or suitability of the information found on this website. You acknowledge that the information may contain inaccurate information and I exclude liability for any inaccurate or errors permitted by law. Your use of this information on this website is at your own risk. It is at your own risk and responsibility that any information available through this website meets your requirements. So please call me if you have any concernes - 01634 400950


If you have any problems with any treatment you have been provided pleases let me know. You can call me on 01634 400950 or To make any complaint official please email me.

The email address can be found on the contact us page. Which can be found above in the column to your right.

Please give details of what treatments you had and let me know what problem you found with the treatment. 

Photo can be found on Unsplash

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